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この度、Special Issue "Deficiencies of behavioral or phenotypes characteristics based on environments, genetics, disease and another factors" を担当することになりました。






東海大学医学部 臨床薬理学 小見山智義



締め切り 2023年3月31日 




The scope of this Special Issue comprehensively encapsulates a wide range of fields, such as medical diagnosis, evolution, phylogeny, taxonomy, ecology, behavioral science, genetics, molecular biology, pharmacology, and anthropology. In addition, the Special Issue aims to incorporate cutting-edge technologies in life science, reflecting the trend to consistently develop the research approach in this field by drawing on diverse perspectives and an in-depth understanding of the research problem. This approach to research will be reflected in the subsequent results, which combine a series of studies on behavioral characteristics, phenotype developments, gene function., etc.

The Special Issue will focus on developing a full understanding of research motivations and questions and will draw on the behavioral characteristics of living organisms and any different experimental data from biology to enhance the analysis of relationships based on many biological methods.



Dr. Tomoyoshi Komiyama
Guest Editor


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