Tomoyoshi KOMIYAMA

Curriculum Vitae                               September 1, 2022





Tokai University


School of Medicine

Department of Clinical Pharmacology

Job title

Associate Professor


Personal Information

Nationality: Japanese

Address: Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Tokai University School of Medicine, 143 Shimokasuya, Isehara, Kanagawa 259-1193, Japan

Phone: +81-463-93-1121(Ext.2560)

Email: komiyama[  ]


Research Work Experience

4/1/1993 3/31/1998   GUNZE Limited    

4/1/1998 3/31/2006   National Institute of Genetics, Laboratory for DNA Data Analysis  (Researcher)

4/1/1998 3/31/2006  Wakunaga Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Researcher)    

4/1/2006 3/31/2009   Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Tokai University School of Medicine,

                                       (Specially Appointed Associate Professor) 

4/1/2009 present       Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Tokai University School of Medicine,

                                       (Associate Professor)

Academic background

3/20/1991 Bachelor’s of Agriculture   Tokyo University of Agriculture     

3/20/1993 Master’s of Agriculture      Tokyo University of Agriculture Graduate school

3/24/2004 Doctor of Science               The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, SOKENDAI 



My research has comprehensively encapsulated a wide range of fields, such as medicine, drug resistance, genetics, evolution, ecology, behavioral science, and anthropology. In addition, my research has incorporated cutting-edge technologies in life science, and I have consistently developed my research approach by drawing on diverse perspectives and an in-depth understanding of the research problem. This approach to research has been reflected in the subsequent results, which combines a series of research on "behavioral characteristics / characters (phenotype)-gene sequence-gene function-protein structure."

I will continue to focus on developing a full understanding of research motivations and questions and will draw on the behavioral characteristics of living organisms and experimental data from biology.


My research plans

Research item 1: 

Relationship between genetic polymorphisms and the behavioral characteristics and traits of organisms

Research item 2:

Investigate drug resistant candidate genes using idarubicin resistant cell lines

Research item 3:

Prediction of cancer recurrence risk due to mitochondrial DNA gene mutation 

Research item 4:  

Elucidation of the cause of Neurally Mediated Syncope (NMS)

Research item 5:

Gender differences in patients with Takotsubo Syndrome based on biopsy of left ventricle


Key words

diagnosis, prognostic factor, clinical genetics, neuroscience, molecular pharmacology, gene mutation, drug resistance, mitochondrial DNA, polymorphism, heteroplasmy, nucleotide differentiation index, cell signaling, catecholamine receptors, gene expression, evolution, molecular phylogeny, domestication, phenotype




Awards & Honors

10/25/2018 Paper Award, Japan Society of Neurovegetative Research

11/10/2016 Excellent Presentation Award, Japan Society of Neurovegetative Research

8/25/2008   Excellence Award (Poster presentation)

8/4/2002     Grand Prize (Poster presentation)


Association Memberships

The Japanese Circulation Society

Japanese Society of Clinical Physiology

Japan Society of Neurovegetative Research

Japan Health Medicine Association

The Japanese Society of Child Neurology

The Molecular Biology Society of Japan

The Genetics Society of Japan

The Japanese Pharmacological Sciences

Society of Evolutionary Studies, Japan


Current Editor Positions

PLOS ONE, Editorial Bord


Biology (MDPI), Topical Advisory Panel


Frontiers in Genetics, Guest Associate Editor

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